Millions of People Use doxo to Pay Bills and Store Documents Securely

June 21, 2019
It’s no secret that nearly everyone who pays their bills each month hate the task, even as they struggle with keeping the household finances in order. That is one of the key reasons why there are so many personal finance apps on the market. Few are anything like doxo, however, as doxo’s main purpose is to make paying your bills as easy as possible. The doxo system was established and the company formed in Seattle by idea people and venture capitalists, one of which is Amazon's mastermind, Jeff Bezos. He and his venture capital firm, Bezos Expeditions, joined in on doxo as a way to help make it easier for ordinary people to keep track of and pay all of their bills.

About a decade after their founding, millions of consumers now use doxo as their primary way to pay their bills, but they also use doxo’s virtual filing cabinet service to keep copies of everything, including bills, invoices and other important documents, thus making them virtually paperless. That way, users always have their paperwork at hand for any situation, such as filing taxes, or to conduct a personal or business audit. None of this is a scam; their mobile app and everything else about the service is free, and they will never charge customers.

The Financial Advantages of doxo Are Not a Scam; They Make Bill Paying Easy

December 14, 2018
With doxo, users receive a lot of notices. They receive a notice when a bill is due, and another notice when it has been paid. In the past, that meant a lot of paperwork, but with doxo, it means no paperwork. The doxo system serves as a huge electronic filing cabinet, where every piece of paperwork is kept as a data point on a server somewhere, which means families can become virtually paperless. You will always be able to keep track of the family's spending and budget, and you can examine each and every bill anytime you want, but without having to store reams of paper.

As for the work it does for the family’s finances, the doxo system starts protecting you from scams from the very beginning. doxo has a login system that not only uses a username and password, but also a security question and image. Every stage of the login process appears on a new screen, which makes things far more difficult for hackers. The entire site is protected with bank-level security throughout, as is the phone and tablet app, which also lessens the scams.